Mesprosoft Bar Code Enabled SAP Mobile WM/IM

Mesprosoft’s Barcode Enabled Mobile WM Enterprise Solution provides mobility to your SAP IM / WM implementation for key Warehouse and Inventory Management Business Process scenarios on Barcode enabled devices. The “Mobile Enterprise Warehouse Application solution is developed using SAP RFID technology and tailor made by Mesprosoft based on industry needs and can be deployed using SAP Technology and on top of SAP ECC Environment. A realtime Mobile Solution using SAP technologies and mobile Applications improves warehouse efficiency and is easy to operate and maintain.

Key Benefits:

  1. Efficient Data entry means shorter cycle times.
  2. Accurate Data entry providing high data Integrity.
  3. Improved inventory accuracy and availability.
  4. Increased Responsiveness.
  5. Improved visibility into warehouse activities.
  6. High quality data / Paperless process.
  7. Improve productivity.
  8. Improve customer service.
  9. Increase throughput.
  10. Increase on-time deliveries.
  11. Optimize order fulfillment from a multi-warehouse base.
  12. Improve workload balancing and planning.
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