Mespro BOBJ Quick Reporter Solution

Mespro Quick Reporter provides you the answer for the above.

Following are the features of Mespro Quick reporter:

  1. A simple solution to your Business Analytics challenges.
  2. Pre-packaged & flexible Data Mart Solution.
  3. Fast Deployment.
  4. Accelerate Data Warehouse implementation process with low cost.

Mespro Quick Reporter Features:

  1. Intuitive Simulative dashboards not only give current data but also show case what if analysis and impacts.
  2. Executive and Leadership Level Smart dashboards providing trends and threshold analysis.
  3. KPI based drilldown.
  4. Accessible in Mobile.
  5. Mespro Quick Reporter provides your business with an accelerated time to value through template based deployments.

Mespro Quick Reporter Offerings:

Following are the Rapid Marts packages available for SAP ERP Solution:
  1. 6 Top Management & Middle Management Dashboards.
  2. 32 KPIs consists of following modules.
    1. Finance.
    2. Sales.
    3. Inventory.
    4. Purchasing.
    5. Production.
    6. Human Resource(HR).
  3. Drilldown Webi reports based on the KPIs.

Benefits of Mespro-BOBJ Solution

  1. Top management gets a single window view of company’s performance parameters.
  2. Easier decision making with simulative tools.
  3. Reduced deployment and training costs.
  4. Improved report performance--consolidated number of reports and ability to analyze data from multiple sources.
  5. Elimination of information silos, thereby giving users access to a consistent shared view of enterprise data.
  6. Increased flexibility to meet new requirements in a cost-efficient and rapid manner.
  7. Established project communication framework.

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